Åland is an autonomous area in the Baltic Sea, consisting of one main island and a surrounding archipelago. While legally a part of Finland, in practice the islands run their own affairs and are rather different from the mainland.
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Popular in Åland

Mariehamn is the largest town on the Åland islands. A youthful town, Mariehamn was founded in 1861 while Åland and Finland formed part of the mighty Russian Empire.

In Åland

Kökar is an island in Åland. Ålandstrafiken ferries from Långnäs on the main island or from Galtby on the Finnish mainland.

Brändö is a municipality in Åland and the main island of the municipality. Brändö consists of the villages Lappo, Asterholma, Torsholma, Baggholma, Brändö by, Björnholma, Korsö, Fiskö, Åva and Jurmo.

Eckerö is a scattered village in the main island of Åland. It is the port for the Eckerö Line, the shortest crossing from Sweden.

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