Algeria is an Arab and Berber country in North Africa. It has a Mediterranean Sea coastline in the north. It is surrounded by Morocco to the northwest, Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast, Mali to the southwest, Mauritania and Western Sahara to the west.
Algeria Hotels
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Tassili n'Ajjer National Park Loading photos…
Tassili n'Ajjer National Park is in Saharan Algeria. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Algiers Loading photos…
Algiers is the capital of Algeria in North Africa. Algiers is a port city on a bay in the Mediterranean first settled over 1000 years ago.
Saharan Algeria
Saharan Algeria is the vast desert — dotted with oases — in the south of the country.
Northeast Algeria
Northeast Algeria is the extensive mountains and high plains region east of Algiers.
Central Algeria
Central Algeria is the metropolitan area surrounding Algiers, the capital of Algeria, on the Mediterranean coast.
Northwest Algeria
Northwest Algeria is the mountainous coastal area west of Algiers.
Saharan Atlas Loading photos…
The Saharan Atlas is the range of the Atlas Mountains inland of the high plateaus in northern Algeria.
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