Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon with a population of approximately 2.1 million people in its metropolitan area. The city is on a relatively small headland jutting into the east Mediterranean.
Beirut Hotels
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Ashrafieh is in Beirut, it is one of Beirut's oldest and most charming districts and is considered an important tourist outlet in Beirut where a great number of restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs are located.
Raouché is a monument / landmark in بيروت.
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Hamra is in Beirut. Prior to 1975, Hamra Street was referred to as Beirut's "Champs Elysées" as it was frequented by tourists all year round.
Ramlet El Baida is a beach in بيروت.
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Downtown Beirut is the central district of Beirut, with its outdoor cafes restaurants and high end designer stores.
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Ain El Mraisseh is in Beirut, situated along Beirut's coastal Cornish, which stretches for several kilometers, and is only a few minutes away from the renovated city center.
Zaitunay Bay is a harbor / marina in بيروت.
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Verdun is in Beirut. Verdun is one of Beirut's most prestigious residential neighborhoods where also some of the most important fashion boutiques are found.
Gemmayzeh is a neighborhood in بيروت.
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Rawcheh is in Beirut. The Rawcheh has always been a tourist attraction.
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Manara is in Beirut. Its name means the "Tip of Beirut" and is a residential neighborhood.
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Jnah is in Beirut. The Jnah is one of the luxurious residential districts of the Capital.
Corniche Manara is a harbor / marina in بيروت.
Mar Mikhael is a neighborhood in بيروت.
Achrafieh is a neighborhood in بيروت.
Bain militaire is a beach in بيروت.
Sporting Club is a beach in بيروت.
Manara is a harbor / marina in بيروت.
Sassine square is an other great outdoors.
Solidere is an other great outdoors in بيروت.
Ein El Mreiseh is a harbor / marina in بيروت.
Sanayeh Area is a neighborhood in بيروت.
Ras El Nabeh is a neighborhood in بيروت.
Baabda is a neighborhood in بعبدا.
Salim Salam is a neighborhood in بيروت.
Gefinor Center is a building in بيروت.
Beit Meri is a plaza in Metn District.
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