Kosovo is a country in South Eastern Europe. After a lengthy and often violent dispute with Serbia, Kosovo declared independence in February 2008 and is recognised by 107 countries out of 193 around the world, despite heavy opposition from Serbia, which continues to consider Kosovo an illegitimately separated province of Serbia.
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People seldom go out of their way to visit Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo: Communist rulers destroyed large chunks of Pristina to build a model city for the new man during the early years of their rule in Yugoslavia, leaving few major sights in the city.

Peć, or Peja/Pejë in Albanian, is a city in the west of Kosovo. Peja is known as one of the oldest, most beautiful and wealthiest places in Kosovo with rich cultural and historical inheritance.

Prizren, in Kosovo, is a pretty city of mosques and monasteries dating to the 14th century.

In Kosovo

Kosovska Mitrovica or Mitrovicë is a city in the north of the Republic of Kosovo although the northern part is controlled by Serbia.

Gjakova/Gjakovë or Đakovica is a city in western Kosovo with about 150,000 inhabitants.

See also the twin towns at the Bosnian-Croatian border: Bosanski- and Slavonski Brod Brod is a village in Kosovo.

Ferizaj is a town in Kosovo, just west of the main highway linking the national capital, Pristina, with the Macedonian border.

Gracanica is a Serbian community in Kosovo, centered around the Gracanica Monastery and about 10 km from Pristina.

Kačanik, or Kaçaniku, in Kosovo, is a city of peace and quite, its houses with pointed red roofs being scattered along the verdant mountain slopes.

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