Lima is the capital of Peru and its largest city. Founded in 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro, the modern city is a curious mix of the modern mega city with some 'islands of modernity', large but orderly slum areas and colonial architecture in the city center.

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Central Lima is the centre or heart of Lima the capital city of Peru. Central Lima comprises four areas; Centro Historico, Barrios Altos, Barrio Chino and Santa Beatriz.

Javier Prado East is the area south of Rio Rimac, north of Rio Lurin and east of Av.

Javier Prado West is the area of Lima south of the Rimac River and west of Av. Arequipa, excluding Central Lima, Miraflores and Barranco which have their own pages.

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Miraflores is a suburb or barrio of Lima the capital city of Peru. Miraflores is known as Ciudad Heroica or the Heroic City.

Barranco is a suburb or barrio of Lima the capital city of Peru. Barranco is south of Miraflores with many clubs and cafes popular among college students in Lima.

Rio Rimac North is the section of Lima north of Rio Rimac. The area designated as Rio Rimac North includes the neighborhoods …

Rio Lurin South is the area south of Rio Lurin, Lima, Peru. The following suburbs or barrios are located within the area designated as Rio Lurin South; Cieneguilla, Lurin, Pachacamac, Pucusana, Punta Hermosa, Punta Negra, San Bartolo, Santa María del Mar.

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