The Maluku Islands, also known as the Moluccas or the Spice Islands, are a region of Indonesia lying between Sulawesi and Papua. This region is largely very off-the-beaten track for travelers.
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The Banda Islands are an archipelago in South Maluku, Indonesia. Once known as the Spice Islands, an epithet also applies to the entire Maluku area, the Bandas were famous as a source of spices, especially nutmeg.

Ambon is an island in the Maluku region of Indonesia. Ambon, the provincial capital of Maluku, is built on a hillside overlooking the bay.

In Maluku

Saparua is one of the Lease Islands and is a popular getaway from nearby Ambon. Political unrest caused a dramatic drop …

Ternate is an island in Maluku province, Indonesia. Ternate Island Tidore Island Sofifi Island Like everywhere else in untouristed Indonesia, people are very curious when they see non-Indonesians walking down the street.

Tobelo is the capital of the North Halmahera district in the Maluku islands of Indonesia.

North Halmahera is a regency within the province of North Maluku in the Maluku region of Indonesia.

Kei Islands are in Maluku province, Indonesia. The Kei Islands, located in South-Eastern Maluku, has a beach on Kei Kecil Island called Pasir Panjang, that is to die for.

Buru is one of the South Maluku islands, a remote location largely untouched by western influence.

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