The Middle East is a region in western Asia and north-eastern Africa. The term "Middle East" was created by British military strategists in the 19th century, and definitions of it vary; it is not simply a geographical term, but also a Eurocentric political one, connoting that it separates Europe from the Far East.
Middle East Hotels
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Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis and global city on the Arabian Peninsula.
Jordan is a country in the Middle East almost completely landlocked.
Tehran, is the capital city of Iran. A bustling metropolis of 14 million people, it is situated at the foot of the towering Alborz mountain range.
The Middle East Sultanate of Oman is on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula.
Abu Dhabi is the federal capital and center of government in the United Arab Emirates.
The Palestinian territories consist of two physically separate entities, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and are not yet universally considered part of any sovereign nation.
The State of Israel is a small yet diverse Middle Eastern country bordered by Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the southwest, by the West Bank and Jordan to the east, and by Syria and Lebanon to the north.
Syria was one of the larger states of the Middle East but is now in prospect of fragmentation.
Iran is a large country between the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and the Caspian Sea.
Occupying a small peninsula jutting into the Persian Gulf is Qatar, a rich Arab state to the north of Saudi Arabia, east of Bahrain and west of the United Arab Emirates.
Jerusalem is the capital and largest city of Israel, though most other countries including United Nations do not recognize it as Israel's capital.
Iraq is a country in the Middle East. It lies at the north end of the Persian Gulf and has a small coastline in the southeast of the country.
The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula, at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.
Yemen is on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, and sharing borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman.
Saudi Arabia is a Middle Eastern country that occupies most of the Arabian peninsula and has coastlines on the Persian Gulf and Red Sea.
Kuwait is a country in the Middle East. It is located at the head of the Arabian Gulf, with Iraq to the north and west, and Saudi Arabia to the southwest.
The Republic of Lebanon is a small country within the Middle East region with its capital being Beirut.
The Kingdom of Bahrain is a Middle Eastern archipelago in the Persian Gulf, tucked into a pocket of the sea flanked by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon with a population of approximately 2.1 million people in its metropolitan area.
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