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Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries by size and population, with about 9.5 million citizens. It borders Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark via a bridge-tunnel across Öresund.

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Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden, with nearly 2 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area.

Götaland is the southernmost of the three lands that make up Sweden.

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden with approximately over 500,000 inhabitants in the municipality.

Norrland is one of three lands of Sweden besides Svealand and Götaland. Norrland encompasses two-thirds of the country's surface, but no more than 12 per cent of its population; currently about 1.15 million.

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city with a population of over 300,000, and the capital of the province of Skåne on the southern tip of the country.

Scania is the southernmost county, as well as a traditional province, in Sweden.

Uppsala [ˈɵpˈsɑːla], archaic spelling Upsala, is a university city in Sweden, 80 kilometres north of Stockholm, and the capital of Uppsala County.

Umeå, called Ume by locals, is a city of about 110,000 located near the mouth of the Ume River and is the capital of Västerbotten County in Norrland in northern Sweden.

Falun is the administrative center of the Dalarna province in Sweden.

Stockholm County is a county of Sweden which includes its capital, Stockholm and its surrounding municipalities.

Svealand [ˈsveːaˈland] is the middle of the three lands of Sweden, between Götaland and Norrland.

Linköping is Sweden's fifth biggest municipality. It is in the northern part of the Götaland region and is the capital of Östergötland county.

Gotland is Sweden's largest island, in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

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