Warsaw is both the capital of Poland and, with 1.7 million inhabitants, its largest city. It's on the River Vistula, roughly equidistant from the Baltic Sea in the north and the Carpathian Mountains in the south.

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Śródmieście, meaning roughly the Inner City, is the central district of Warsaw.

The area to the west of Warsaw/Śródmieście, consisting of the districts of Wola, Ochota and Żoliborz contains many parts of the historic core of Warsaw.

The districts of Warsaw south of Śródmieście have enjoyed a measurable growth in population numbers and importance in recent …

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Wola is a district of Warsaw. It is immediately to the west of Śródmieście and blends seamlessly with it, the border between them being the Jana Pawła II Avenue.

Praga is the central and historic core of right bank Warsaw. Formally, Praga is composed of two districts, Praga Północ and Praga Południe,which are separated from each other by the railway tracks.

Mokotów has over 200,000 inhabitants and is the most populous district of Warsaw.

Praga-Północ is a district of Warsaw. Praga in Polish is also the name of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic and has the same roots.

Praga-Południe is a district of Warsaw. It is quite diverse: while Gocław and Gocławek are relatively new residential areas …

Ochota is a district of Warsaw. The name means "willingness" or "fancy". It is a relatively small, traditionally residential district.

Eastern Warsaw is comprised of the Varsovian districts of Targówek, Rembertów, Wawer, and Wesoła.

Wilanów is a district of Warsaw. It is most known for the eponymous baroque royal residence and park, which is a tourist favourite due to its unique beauty.

Ursynów is a district of Warsaw. It is a primarily residential district, constructed from the late 1970s onwards, with the prominent use of plattenbau.

Włochy is a district of Warsaw. For tourists, the most important thing about the district is that is encompasses the Warsaw Chopin Airport and numerous hotels close to the airport.

Żoliborz has traditionally been the intelligentsia district of Warsaw. It is further divided into Stary Żoliborz, Sady Żoliborskie and Marymont-Potok.

Bemowo is a district of Warsaw. The name comes from Józef Bem. Bemowo is further divided into Bemowo-Lotnisko, Boernerowo, Chrzanów, Fort Bema, Groty, Górce, Jelonki and Osiedle Przyjaźń.

Bielany is a district of Warsaw. It consists mostly of new areas built in the 1960s and later, but has some old buildings and a great amount of greenery too.

Northern Warsaw is a district of Warsaw, which is used for the sole purpose of describing the districts of Bielany and Białołęka more easily.

Ursus is a district of Warsaw. Ursus was originally the brand name of tractors manufactured there, but it soon superseded the real name of the locality, which was Czechowice.

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